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Zentimo 1.2 Full

Zentimo xStorage Manager adalah sebuah software yang digunakan untuk memudahkan dalam manajemen drive , dan juga bisa digunakan untuk meng - eject drive secara aman

Jadi misalnya kita kalau eject drive trus masukin kembali kita gag perlu repot repot copot buka flashdisk tapi dengan Zentimo xStorage Manager kita tidak perlu melakukan hal itu kita tinggal klik aja pada drive yang tertampil pada Zentimo xStorage Manager

Penambahan fitur terbaru dari Zentimo 1.2 :

1. menyimpan dan mengembalikan pengaturan program

2. cara pintas untuk melepaskan device yang terpasang

3. pilihan untuk otomatis mematikan fitur autorun

4. menambahakan ikon baru

Spoiler for features:

Handy menu to control devices

This menu is aimed to do the most frequent tasks in a click and allows you to:
See device drive size or empty space
Rename a device
Change a device image
Hide a device from the menu
Scan for hardware changes
Stop all devices at once

Drive letter management

Hides drives of empty card reader slots
Fixes a drive letter to a specific device
Prevents specific drive letters being assigned to hot-plug devices
You can change a drive letter or volume label quickly

Program autorun feature

Assign programs to be launched:
After device connection
Before device disconnection
After device stopping
After device removal
Global or per-device settings
Predefined templates to setup your antivirus, a file manager or something else

Portable application quick launcher

Just a small menu where you can add programs\files\folders from your portable drive for quick launch

Real Safe Device Removal

Display of processes preventing the device from being stopped...
... and the ability to kill these processes ...
... or just to unlock them from the device

Hotkeys to stop a device or call the menu

Stopping of all devices at once
Ability to stop SATA drives
Returning just stopped device back
Honest Drive Speed Test

Most other drive speed testers measure only the read\write speed of large files, displaying a theoretical drive speed. This is not related to real-life speed as we often write plenty of small files to external drives.

Our investigations show that some flash drives perform worse than others when writing small files, but perform equally well when writing large files.

Zentimo measures the file read\write speeds of 3 different file sizes: small files (32 KB), medium files (3 MB) and large files (100 MB) and displays all those measurements as well as an average. The average speed calculated by Zentimo reflects your drives real performance more accurately than characteristics from the vendor's specification.

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