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DNS Jumper - Software untuk membuka situs yang di blokir

Bagi kalian sobat blogger yang bingung karena lagi buka situs yang diblokir saya kasih ni DNS Jumper .


Publisher's description of DNS Jumper 1.0.4
Change your DNS with one click
If you want to change your DNS settings with one click, DNS Jumper is the best and easiest solution for you. It's freeware and portable ( does not need installation ). As you probably know, Google announced that they have released public DNS servers in order to to speed up computer user access to the Internet resources while surfing.

Changing the DNS on your network settings is not the easiest task, so DNS Jumper comes to save the day.
Key features for "DNS Jumper 1.0.4"
• you can choose your network card
• add/modify custom DNS
• you can change the language
• customize DNS manually
• benchmark DNS IPs and measure time reaction
• flush DNS button available
• test the fastest DNS

Cara menggunakan DNS Jumper :
  1. Download DNS Jumper
  2. Ekstrak (keluarkan file dari zip) ke desktop atau kemana aja.
  3. Jalankan DNS Jumper
  4. Pilih Network card (sesuaikan dengan komputer anda)
  5. Pilih DNS Service yang akan kita gunakan di menu dropdown.
  6. Klik apply DNS.
  7. Done.

Download disini
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